Mini Crossword

Mini Crossword is an entertaining way to pass the time! Your task is to guess all words across and down and fill in the entire grid. Here you can solve different types of puzzles - we have crosswords from with 5x5 cells. They are different on the difficulty level. The larger the grid, the more words you have to guess and the harder the mini crossword is. The new mini crossword is available every day. Moreover, you can always return to the previous puzzles to take on a new challenge.

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How to play Mini Crossword?


Choose the difficulty level of the puzzle, which depends on the size of the crossword you want to solve. The grid consists of 5x5 cells. The larger the crossword, the more difficult it is.


You will see numbers in some cells and a list of questions on the right.


The questions are divided into words that you have to fill in across and down.


The word across should be written from the corresponding number in the line, and the words down should be written in rows. The words across and down must have the same letters at the intersection.


Keep solving the puzzle until the entire grid is filled with the correct answers.


A new mini crossword is available every day. Play mini crosswords, challenge your brain, and come back tomorrow!

Did you like Mini Crossword Game?

Crossword puzzles are a proven and widespread way to have fun. Mini crossword puzzles are simpler, but no less entertaining. You can play them online anytime, anywhere. The task is to guess all the words in a grid consisting of cells 5x5. You don't have to spend a lot of time on it because it doesn't have many words, but it's cool because you won't get bored here. This activity is well suited for both adults and children to stretch their brains and improve their erudition. You can compete with your friends by solving mini crossword puzzles against the clock. Play mini crosswords on our website and become the best crossword genius!